I can’t change them

Oh, it’s the same old thoughts. If only he was listening to this, he really needs to be listening to this. In my case many times it’s he for my husband but also she for my 17 year old daughter or them for my parents or a friend. One thing I have learned and do my best to remind myself when these thoughts come to me is that obviously I’m supposed to hear them or God wouldn’t have blessed me with watching, reading or listening at that exact time. What a disservice I am doing to God if I fail to learn what He is teaching me if I’m not paying attention. I also started realizing He will teach them what He wants them to learn, not what I think they should be taught. Oh it’s so wonderful how much God loves us and the Grace & Mercy He shows us.

Once I realized this it has been amazing even through some extremely trying times the things I have been thought by Him.

How often do you listen to a sermon, a speaker at a conference or read a book and all that you can think of are the people you know that you wish were hearing it?




We are so happy you stopped by today to visit and check out our new blog as well as the new Ministry.  This ministry has been in the minds of many of us for years and, just like each of us are still a work in progress with God, this ministry is still a work in progress as well.  We know we are following God’s lead in this and we plan to continue doing so but since we are all new to it, we are learning as we go.  Please be patient as we continue to narrow our focus and figure out what programs do and do not work at this time.  The one thing we are sure of is we will be focusing on youth, women and families within our communities as that is what God has put on each volunteer’s heart and put on mine (Danay’e) many years ago when I went back to school with the intention to work in the juvenile justice field prior to my health issues arising. 

Please feel free to visit our new website (you can click on the image on the right side of this post) by going to www.mycupofgraceministries.com, it is in progress and the website design people are still working on a few bugs so please bare with us for the next few days but we wanted to get things started.  We decided since God is the only One perfect, the website didn’t need perfection prior to us launching it and getting started, as long as it continues to be a work in progress.

I (Danay’e) still have my personal blog over at the mycupofgrace site here on WordPress and may be doing some posts over there as well but you can also read many posts over here on a variety of topics.

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to get to know each of you as you provide us your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or just sharing what is on your heart at the time.  We want this blog to be a safe environment for each of us to speak the truth in love, using kindness and respect for everyone.

We pray each of you have a great day!